The KentRidge Difference
  John Mcaninch  
John McAninch
Executive Chef

John McAninch began cooking in 1993. His first experiences were at the renowned Nick Anthe's Restaurant in north Akron where he worked his way up to Chef and Kitchen Manager. John next enrolled in the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts in Pittsburgh where he became interested in literally all schools of cooking. In fact, he spent the next three years working in various locations in order to get experience at everything. With a return trip to Nick Anthe's, he worked various positions from bartending to Executive Chef. Chef John was honored as Best Chef, 2011 in the Akron Beacon Journal's "Beacon's Best" contest.  He was also a nominee for the Professional Achievement Award, Dietary Director of the Year, 2011 given by the Ohio Health Care Association.

"I believe that each meal at KentRidge is a social event, a form of entertainment for the residents. While I make each meal a well-balanced choice, I truly want the experience to be something that our residents anticipate with enthusiasm."